Data Driven New Future

Practical Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence

ERP Enterprise Resource Planning

Tsinghua Cloud ERP is a new generation of cloud-based intelligent business application that helps businesses grow and digitally transform through perfect integration with mobile.

WMS Warehouse Management System

Tsinghua Cloud WMS is a modern warehouse management system developed by applying barcode and intelligent warehouse management information, which is suitable for third party warehousing, cross-border customs warehousing and traditional industry management.

TMS Transportation Management System

The whole process of delivery is transparent and visible, from delivery to customer evaluation. Using mobile and social technologies, Tsinghua Cloud TMS connects shippers, carriers, drivers and customers through the provision of mobile APP or WeChat public number to achieve real-time multi-party collaboration. Automated billing, 90% improvement in settlement efficiency. Tsinghua Cloud TMS provides a powerful billing engine to meet your complex billing needs and generates the same bill for shippers.Intelligent scheduling saves transportation costs. Based on preset rules and constraints, combined with the route optimization engine, we can automatically match car registers and plan transportation routes to save logistics and transportation costs for enterprises.

SCM Supply Chain Management

Integrating upstream and downstream enterprises through the Internet, taking the central manufacturer as the core, combining upstream raw material and spare parts suppliers, downstream distributors, logistics and transportation providers, and correspondent banks as a whole, constituting a complete e-commerce supply chain for the final customers, aiming at procurement and logistics costs, and improving the enterprise's response to market and final customer demands. The purpose is to improve the response speed of enterprises to market and end-customer demand, and thus improve the market competitiveness of enterprise products.

CRM Customer Relationship Management

Tsinghua Cloud CRM system, customer-centric, information technology as a means to establish a complete set of customer-related marketing, sales, service and support information database for enterprises to help enterprises real-time control and follow-up business opportunities information, continuous optimization of marketing models, sales processes, collaboration strategies, service support and call centers, etc., customer data for deep mining analysis, the discovery of value customers, potential markets, the We can provide customized products or services for different customers, maintain and strengthen customer loyalty through efficient interactions, quickly improve service and support response speed, and realize the whole automated management of marketing, sales process.

PLM Project Management System

Tsinghua Cloud PLM platform is oriented to the whole life cycle management business process of manufacturing products, aiming to provide enterprises with an innovative R&D management platform from requirement collection, product design, process design and workshop production. PLM provides a unified lifecycle information management solution, which is based on product data, knowledge base as the core, to improve the quality and efficiency of research and development, to achieve the goal of enterprise information integration, is integrated product design, process design and management of software data information integration platform. Tsinghua Cloud PLM is mainly adapted to discrete manufacturing enterprises, especially for automotive and parts manufacturing, automotive mold manufacturing, general machinery and other private enterprises mainly.

Intelligent Monitoring

Tsinghua Cloud has accumulated years of experience and achievements in industrial, wireless communication and digital broadcasting technologies such as Bluetooth, WiFi, CMMB, DMB-TH, NB-LOT, etc., and can provide value-added services to original manufacturers" and customers.

LIMS Lab Information Management System

Rather than compiling a highly customized traditional LIMS for each customer, Tsinghua Cloud creates a powerful and flexible platform (including database and infrastructure services) that can be configured to meet the customer's needs. Tsinghua Cloud LIMS software reduces the time and resources required to configure and deploy a LIMS, and ensures that any system deployed using the platform is stable, scalable and interface friendly.

Online Shopping Mall

Internet commercial system is a professional-level e-commerce system developed specifically for enterprises with the core of consumer-driven business in the mobile Internet era and relying on strong technical development strength. It is a must-have product for traditional enterprises to carry out e-commerce business with perfect functions and can carry 10 million visits.

RFID Asset Management System

The asset management system is a management system featuring physical management, computer-based operation platform, "fast", "accurate" and comprehensive functions. Asset Management System" adopts B/S structure and distributed database. The system is based on the advanced barcode technology to accurately supervise the assets from acquisition, receipt, cleaning, inventory, return, maintenance to scrapping, and to truly match the accounts with the reports such as asset classification statistics, and to depreciate the fixed assets by the average life method according to the actual situation and practice of fixed assets depreciation in China.