Intelligent Experience

Industrialization of Cloud Computing and Big Data Applications

Big Data and Analytic

A new generation of Tsinghua ERP is cloud-based intelligent business application that helps businesses grow and digitally transform through perfect integration with mobile.

Cloud Computing

TsinghuaCloud has the plentiful tools, capabilities, ecosystem, and unparalleled experience to help you clarify the complexities of cloud migration, continuously optimize your assets, and support you in achieving business results quickly. Partner with Accenture and work through cloud storage with us. As an integrator of three major cloud platforms - Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud - and a leading cloud software provider, the extensive partnerships, experience and seasoned experts at TsinghuaCloud enable you to move your business into the cloud more quickly. We will help you develop a strategy, timeline and roadmap to make the journey to the cloud easy and fast. Our goal: to help organizations migrate seamlessly to the cloud.


Combine mobile and cloud technologies as a springboard to enable change and growth. Coupled with enterprise data and analytics capabilities to create a new customer experience.

Informatization Security

Most companies have realized that in today's data-driven, highly distributed environment, there are many serious threats that need to be addressed. Tsinghua Cloud provides an integrated system built from analytics, real-time defense and experienced security experts to assist you in making strategic decisions about how to protect your enterprise business. The combination of cognitive capabilities accelerates the investigation process far beyond other solutions. It integrates log source event data from thousands of device endpoints and applications distributed across the network. Performs direct and rapid normalization and correlation activities on raw data to distinguish real threats from false positives.