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Business Consulting Services

Today's competitors are crossing industry boundaries, with 54% of executives believing their biggest competition in the future will come from other industries. In the past two years, tools for outside industries have grown by 50%. The traditional competitive landscape across industries is suffering a strong impact and companies are facing five core challenges:Challenge 1: Growing in a world of low growth, digital disruption; Challenge 2: Seeking innovation and leveraging data as the basis for new growth; . Challenge 3: Structural cost extraction (Take-out) to improve competitiveness and invest in growth; Challenge 4: Win the war for talent, gain intelligence and innovation; . Challenge 5: Transform business processes and systems to achieve growth and improve competitiveness.

Technical Service

Tsinghua Cloud's technical support services are perfectly aligned with the needs of today's IT infrastructure, helping you respond effectively to changing demands, market threats, expanding product and service lines, and regulatory requirements. Tsinghua Cloud's approach integrates a wide range of hardware, software, and multi-brand support to help you simplify IT asset management, improve service quality, and control costs through new ways. We have a long history of success in automating support services using our own infrastructure, intellectual capital assets, and technology, and have helped thousands of customers improve the overall efficiency and performance of their IT operations. Tsinghua Cloud can not only help you repair and rebuild when you have problems, but also proactively reduce them or even nip them in


According to the customer's requirements, the resident engineer of Tsinghua Cloud will review and summarize the actual situation during the service period and submit the corresponding service report. Create technical files of existing network equipment for customers to facilitate daily network maintenance work, and update the files in real time according to the customer's network adjustment. The file includes: network topology, equipment configuration information, network planning information, firewall security policy configuration information, etc.; the resident engineer of Tsinghua Cloud organizes and summarizes the daily operation and maintenance methods and prepares "Equipment Maintenance Manual", which is easy for the customer's maintenance personnel to check and learn and improve the