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Tsinghua Cloud is - an Internet Company that

We are committed to global values and social responsibility to promote sustainable development in China.

Our mission is to "create the future with Tsinghua culture"

While we value the skills and abilities of our employees,

we also focus on shaping the right values, view of life, worldview,

contribution to society and social relations.

ADD 1: Block E, Shangzedaduhui, Shimen Road, Lianhua Community, Shushan District, Hefei City, Anhui Province, China

ADD 2: Anhui University Sanchuang Chanyeyuan, Jingkai District, Hefei City, Anhui Province, China


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  • The Use of Framework Application: Separating Business Logic and Technical Details

    If I had to give an overview of the framework, I would say it is an abstract description of the entities in the system and the relationships between them.


  • Front-end to engage in reporting data analysis to improve the efficiency of the whole chain of solutions ...

    Try to get Data Driven, you need to do a lot of data analysis, etc. There are some R&D pain points in the whole data analysis chain.


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    A one-stop cloud service that helps developers achieve a one-cloud with multi-site business strategy.

Pulse move

E-commerce + short video, a popular marketing strategy with social attributes, focusing on the cost performance of goods. Gather Taobao, and pinduoduo large coupons to help consumers The buyer buys the best goods in the world at a very favorable price.