Looking to the future in the age of data

Developing Digital Economy for Development and Sharing

Governmental Solution

We work with more than 200 utilities around the world to help them achieve value creation and performance growth. As a global leader, we provide you with the most valuable knowledge assets in the process of growth by summarizing its best practices around the world and sharing its experiences and lessons learned with you across geographic and time horizons to help you achieve leapfrogging growth. City operations information is hidden in different systems of different agencies, city managers cannot get a holistic view, it is difficult to coordinate the work of various agencies as a whole, it is impossible to provide city services continuously, and economic growth will become slow. The Smart City Operations Center helps you operate effectively and efficiently.

Made in China 4.0

Changes in labor compensation and challenges related to logistics and energy costs in emerging economies are impacting global production and related distribution decisions. Major technological advances including big data and analytics, the Internet, robotics, and incremental manufacturing are changing the capabilities and value proposition of global manufacturing. In response to these changes, manufacturing and its operations need to be digitally transformed: the value chain must be redesigned and transformed, employees must be retained and change must occur quickly. At the same time, the era of digital manufacturing and operations has arrived and is still evolving at a rapid pace. Technological advances and growth in areas such as big data and analytics, the cloud, the Internet of Things, robotics and incremental manufacturing are rapidly changing the industry dynamics.

Industry Solution

What is a solution? It's a combination of hardware, software and services designed to make all three work together. If something goes wrong with a solution, you certainly don't want to see everyone passing the buck to each other, but rather want to be able to take action faster. Tsinghua Cloud Solution Support Services can help identify problems and provide solutions at the IT solution level (rather than the component level). This includes support for infrastructure solutions purchased through Tsinghua Cloud, which includes both Tsinghua Cloud and non-Tsinghua Cloud products, made up of software and hardware components.This feature-rich approach provides support at the solution level (rather than the component level), facilitating faster problem resolution and a more integrated IT environment.